New Orleans Jazz and
Heritage Festival 2003

We were involved in a joint project between the architectural tradesman this year at Jazz Fest. This project was to make a Wishing Well that is to be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

(Click on the image to view a larger version of it as well as the names of each tradesman.)
Cypress woodworking and foundation of well done by Dwayne Broussard and David Richard
Turning of spindals for roof supports and decoration done by John Hartsock, Gary Parky, and Marvin Hirsch
Darryl A. Reeves, Okola Zalik M., and Von Paul Reeves making the handle and weathervane for the well
Lionel "Lonnie" Smith Jr. and Lionel Smith Sr. putting roof onto well
The finishing touches to the well were performed by Mr. Dempsy Perkins in the hand creation of the bucket
Other Architectural tradesman at Jazzfest
Placing the roof onto the top of the well
More group shots of the tradesman and a picture of the finished well