New Orleans Jazz and
Heritage Festival 2004

This year, once again, we were involved in a joint project as Jazz Fest. The architectural tent all came together on a joint venture in creating a small cypress tool shed to be auctioned off at the next annual Make-A-Wish Auction.

Structure of roof and cypress siding done by
Dwayne Broussard and David Richard
Turning of both decorative and structural spindles done by
John Hartsock and Marvin Hirsch
Jim Jenkins making the hardware to be placed on the shed
Lionel "Lonnie" Smith Jr. and Lionel Smith Sr.
putting the copper onto the shed
Sean Wilkerson and helper constructing shutters to
become the doors of the shed
Mr. Earl Barthe who provided the decorative plaster
ornament to be places on the front of the shed
Construction of the shed by everyone involved

Finished pictures of the shed