The Sea Holly

This 107 foot long boat was originally a crew boat for Candy Fleet of Morgan City, Louisiana. It's name at that time was 'Candy Apple.' It was then converted into a yacht by SeaCraft Inc. in Amelia, Louisiana. Shortly after the conversion we had the distinct privilege of designing, installing, and finishing the entire interior of the boat.

All of the interior of the boat is composed of White Oak. The oak is stained and has been coated with a water-based finish. Every corner on the entire boat has been rounded over for optimal beauty and comfort.

Here are some of the pictures of the finished product as it stands today......
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The Wheelhouse

Through the rear doors of the wheelhouse you will find a small aft deck with a hot tub and a starboard control deck so the captain may enjoy the fresh air while cruising the open seas.


The Galley

The galley features all the comforts that you would find in your home including a stove, an oven, a microwave, a dishwasher, and even an ice maker in the door of the refrigerator.


The Salon

Here is where the majority of most people's time is spent. Here in the salon there is a television with over 900 channels via satellite, a DVD player, and a digital surround sound system.


The Wet-Bar

This beautiful wet-bar features a counter top of gibraltar to match those in the galley. The bar-rail was custom made and designed by Dwayne Broussard using a custom template and a skill saw.


The Staterooms

There are six full staterooms on the boat. Four of these six have full bathrooms in them as well. If more room is needed then the wheelhouse also transforms into a stateroom.


In addition to the rest.....

In addition to everything that was mentioned above there is also a main aft deck just outside the salon. Kept on this deck are two, sixteen-foot long, flat-bottom boats (double stacked); two vehicles; and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.


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